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Kawaguchi Office, Nakagawa Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (NCE Kawaguchi Office)

Regularly scheduled inspections of wastewater treatment equipment are extremely important for ensuring the continuing, safe operation of customer’s facilities. Group company NCE Kawaguchi Office handles maintenance-related tasks for equipment installed by NCE.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment Maintenance

Wastewater Treatment Equipment MaintenanceAt NCE, we believe it is only natural for us “to take responsibility for continual maintenance of equipment and plants in order to ensure the best possible product performance”. We established NCE Kawaguchi Office as a dedicated maintenance operations company in order to achieve this ideal.
NCE Kawaguchi Office has worked to serve customers based on a central approach of quick response to cases of sudden equipment trouble. In addition, we have utilized our wide-ranging know-how to carry out inspections, repairs and maintenance also for equipment manufactured by other companies.


5-13-27 Kami-aoki, Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture 333-0844

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